SS13 sneak peek


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Gudrun&Gudrun in Fucking Young



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Amazing clip in Costume!


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Journalist wearing Gudrun&Gudrun while interviewing Nikolaj Lie Caas


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Landscape sweater in Cosmopolitan



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Gudrun&Gudrun in the new magazine from Lille Nord

Skærmbillede 2012-12-12 kl. 13.34.42Skærmbillede 2012-12-12 kl. 13.35.10


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Gudrun&Gudrun about the fashion phenomen “Sarah Lund” by blogwriter


Read the interview here

Full interview:

1. Who are you – what are your backgrounds?

Designer Gudrun Ludvig is educated designer in Denmark. But her most important learning experience was working with Sabine Poupinel in Copenhagen for 3 years.

I – Gudrun Rógvadótttir – the business part of the company – has a master in Political Science. Have been a partner in a Danish consultancy and worked with EU projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East

2. Do you actually knit yourselves, or do you only make the designs?

The funny thing is that designer Gudrun Ludvig as a starting point was a lousy knitter. As a girl all the other girls were knitting, but she was drawing and telling others to make the designs for her. The lacking technical knowledge has developed into a force as she is not limited by the technical restrictions a good knitter would see. So the creative ideas are the driving force, not technical. Later in the process the good knitters have to find a way to make the designs possible in knitting.

3. How did you come up with the idea that you wanted to design knitwear?

There is an old saying – need learns the naked woman how to knit. There was – and is – no designer environment on the Faroe Islands. So for being able to work with design the starting point has to be taken from somewhere different. There are old knitting traditions on the Faroe Islands and there is unique yarn as well – that nobody in modern times has made a living from. That was the opportunity we grabbed.

4. What has Sarah Lund meant for your business? 

Awareness about the brand is the most important advantage. We do sell quite a few sweaters because of the series, but when people get aware of the brand they often end up buying something completely different from the collection.

5. Do you know how actress Sofie Graabøll got her hands on the firstsweater?

The DR stylist Grith Rahbek met us at a fashion fair back in 2006. She was looking for suitable clothes for a character. She borrowed some sweaters from the collection and Sofie fell in love with the white star sweater

6. To what countries do you sell the most items?

As the series is aired in DK and UK we sell quite a lot there – but apart from that Italy, Japan and Norway are strong markets

7. About the traditional patterns: I know that in olden times, fishermen’s wives would weave unique patterns into their husband’s sweaters. That way, if they died at sea and the face was difficult to recognize, the sweaterwould reveal their identity. Do you have a similar tradition at the Faroe Islands?

This is the Faroese story – told by me. Found in old books

8. Fish skin shoes: How did you get that idea? Any drawbacks at all, or should everyone be wearing them?

They are great – we love them. But as shoe making is not our specialty we wait for some good cooperation here.

9. You mention your Women empowerment project on your homepage. What’s thatabout?

A great part of the hand-knit is made in Jordan. The women empowerment project was launched years back. We train them in how to do a micro business and motivate them to take a lead in their own life. They cannot take traditional jobs as they have the role of taking care of the elderly and the kids. By joining the project they can still earn their own money in a very traditional society. Because we believe that women empowerment is all starts with the opportunity to earn your own money.


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